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An extremely overdue post about my trip to Milan.

First of all, I think this post is about two months late. Since I returned from Italy I have been manically documenting my project for university deadlines. I made a book with photos, diagrams and c.d. and last week I gave a presentation. I made a theatre studio into an osmiza to make my presentation nice and informal. So it is only now that I’ve got around to updating my blog – apologies to my most dedicated fans!!

So a bit of context about this last venture in my trip: I briefly met Stefano Schiraldi at the Barcolando in October. He then contacted me through this blog and we began meeting informally to play music. He told me about this project he was working on, creating original music and songs for a theatre piece. He was writing for many different arrangements such as solos, group vocal pieces, accompaniments, so I we were able to try out various parts and develop the scores.


(performance flyer)

After a few of these meetings, quite unexpectedly, Stefano asked if I would like to join him and the theatre company in Milan. Of course I willingly accepted the offer and couldn’t quite believe my luck. So on Monday 25th November we drove to Milan to start rehearsing – the performance would premiere on the Thursday and ran for 4 nights and 1 night in Trieste the following week.

The company had only these three days to rehearse the piece pretty much from scratch so the rehearsals were quite tense at first because many things had to be achieved before opening night. As a result the music changed a lot, having to cut and paste sections here and there. Having to navigate the situation solely in Italian was… challenging. Not being familiar with the performance or cues was an added difficulty especially as there was little time to faff about/continuously ask people to repeat themselves! But luckily I soon caught on the the structure of the performance.

By the opening night Stefano and I were confident that the music would go well. We had developed a good rapport and communication over the rehearsals and his ruthlessness over accuracy and selection of the final performance material had paid off.

(Rossi 2013)DSC03638

Dell’Umiliazione e della Vendetta (of humiliation and revenge) dealt with attitudes and violence towards women in Italy but, moreover, it celebrated womankind, femininity and girl power. It was a piece of Music Theatre devised by an all-female company.

(Rossi 2013)DSC03698

In discussion with the director, Marcela Serli, I found out more about the devising processes. Although the piece was contemporary there were quite a few influences from traditional practices such as the Tarantella dance  and Marina Abramovic’s Balkan Erotic Epic.

(Rossi 2013)DSC03848

In short, it was a great opportunity to be able to work on and perform in this piece and I am reaaaally grateful to ATOPOS (the company) for letting me play and to Stefano for guiding me through! It was whirlwind of a week – I stayed in no less than 4 different people’s houses in various locations around Milan which was quite disorientating but also pretty exciting.

Overall it was heaps of fun and I am very happy to have been involved in such a quality piece of theatre.


Porto Vecchio round 2 and End of Project!

Today is my last day in Trieste and I will be flying home tomorrow so I can start crackin on with the documentation… I haven’t been up so up to date with blogging ’cause I’ve had a mayyd last couple of weeks. Last week I was in Milan working with a theatre company – we did four performances there and one in Trieste this week. The last three nights in a row I’ve ended up at some kind of celebration or another (wahoo!). So this will be a mini post about my last day. Bumper post about playing in the show in Milan to come.

I spent my last day busking and I also went to the Porto Vecchio again. This time I was with a friend so it wasn’t quite so scary as I remembered! The hole i found last time had been fixed(!) but luckily we still managed to get through and have a good look around. We even managed to go inside some of the buildings and explore the different floors. There were a few lorry drivers and the like hanging about but they didn’t seem to mind our presence.

DSC02681 DSC02682 DSC02679 DSC02675 DSC02691 DSC02693 DSC02697

I took this photo on a first floor balcony – amazingly quite a few trees have burst through the concrete from underneath.DSC02699 DSC02702 Concrete Jungle.DSC02704 DSC02703 DSC02718 DSC02720my friend Daniele.

Daniele noticed that it was really echoey in one of the buildings so we made this film.

I’m feeling pretty shattered from the last couple of weeks – there has been a crescendo to the end of the proj, complete with fanfare and fireworks etc. but I definitely don’t feel as though it has concluded. In a way, I feel like it has only just begun – I’ve just got to know this place and am feeling pretty settled. So it feels like I am being catapulted back to the UK prematurely – maybe thats partly because I didn’t design and ending for my project or didn’t set my self a final achievement type thing. I just left it open-ended. So, unsurprisingly, it has ended openly. I guess I will try and make sense of all these ‘loose ends’ while I document. In the meantime I am already planning a comeback tour for Summer 2014 – a result of a loose end, i suppose. Well hurrah for ‘loose ends’ and ‘open endings,’ then!