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Porto Vecchio round 2 and End of Project!

Today is my last day in Trieste and I will be flying home tomorrow so I can start crackin on with the documentation… I haven’t been up so up to date with blogging ’cause I’ve had a mayyd last couple of weeks. Last week I was in Milan working with a theatre company – we did four performances there and one in Trieste this week. The last three nights in a row I’ve ended up at some kind of celebration or another (wahoo!). So this will be a mini post about my last day. Bumper post about playing in the show in Milan to come.

I spent my last day busking and I also went to the Porto Vecchio again. This time I was with a friend so it wasn’t quite so scary as I remembered! The hole i found last time had been fixed(!) but luckily we still managed to get through and have a good look around. We even managed to go inside some of the buildings and explore the different floors. There were a few lorry drivers and the like hanging about but they didn’t seem to mind our presence.

DSC02681 DSC02682 DSC02679 DSC02675 DSC02691 DSC02693 DSC02697

I took this photo on a first floor balcony Рamazingly quite a few trees have burst through the concrete from underneath.DSC02699 DSC02702 Concrete Jungle.DSC02704 DSC02703 DSC02718 DSC02720my friend Daniele.

Daniele noticed that it was really echoey in one of the buildings so we made this film.

I’m feeling pretty shattered from the last couple of weeks – there has been a crescendo to the end of the proj, complete with fanfare and fireworks etc. but I definitely don’t feel as though it has concluded. In a way, I feel like it has only just begun – I’ve just got to know this place and am feeling pretty settled. So it feels like I am being catapulted back to the UK prematurely – maybe thats partly because I didn’t design and ending for my project or didn’t set my self a final achievement type thing. I just left it open-ended. So, unsurprisingly, it has ended openly. I guess I will try and make sense of all these ‘loose ends’ while I document. In the meantime I am already planning a comeback tour for Summer 2014 – a result of a loose end, i suppose. Well hurrah for ‘loose ends’ and ‘open endings,’ then!