works in progress

This morning it was raining quite heavily which meant busking was out, which is a shame because Saturday morning is prime busking time. Rather than letting the rain absolutely RUIN my plans, I came back to the studio and recorded some of the new tunes that I am working on at the mo. They are not polished, by any stretch, but they are some of my new repertoire(!) that I would have played on the streets today. Interestingly, when I first went busking here, a friend of mine asked me if I played my most impressive repertoire – when I said that actually, most of the tunes I played, I didn’t know very well at all, he seemed surprised and asked if I was worried about making mistakes. For some reason, I’m really not bothered about making mistakes, maybe I should be? I do want give a good performance but I don’t think slip-ups make a performance better or worse – they just change the style or formality, perhaps?

This first one, I learnt from the Barcolando concert. You may have heard it if you’ve listened to my soundclips from that post. I found out more about this song – its a patriotic song from former Yugoslavia, sung in Serbian. I’ve made a violin version.

This song is a famous song from Trieste about the tram that runs from the centre to a village called Opicina in the Carso Plateau. Its been running for over 100 years and its not working at the moment, so I haven’t been on it myself. Might do a post about that another time – but here’s the tune.

This is a Gypsy jazz tune that I learnt from the street musicians a couple of weeks ago. I still don’t know where its from, unfortunately. I need to work on the upper register sections!! sorry if they offend your ears!

This is slightly random, but I heard this Canadian fiddle tune the other day and decided to learn it.

This week, some Romanian musicians have been busking around Trieste. Whilst speaking with them, they asked if I would like to hear traditional Romanian song. They played Trandafir de la Moldova, which means, Rose of Moldova. Romanian music is characterised by a very tight trill-like ornament – I haven’t quite mastered that yet. I wouldn’t have played this today as its its pretty short at the moment but I thought I’d show you, as I’ve been working on it.

Well, I hope you have enjoyed this diverse and delightful program. Any feedback, good, bad or ugly will be gratefully received. 

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “works in progress

  1. Tom Vinall

    I really like the randomness of the Canadian fiddle tune in here, I think its really good to chuck in random shizzle every now and then just to mix things up. Also, what’s all this talk of a studio?

    1. rosairwinclark Post author

      yeah, its impossible to shut out outside influences which is how it came about! and i think its also maybe the best as its the only one actually to be played on the violin specifically… and haha the studio = my kitchen!!


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