Kleine Berlin

Last Friday I visited ‘Kleine Berlin’ a network of underground tunnels used as air-raid shelters during the second world war. I wanted to share some pictures as this is yet another place that is totally unique to this area – and visually quite striking! They have been left pretty much exactly how they were then, except for some modern lighting.

The tunnels were built firstly by an Italian company and when Trieste was under German occupation from 1943-45 as part of the ‘Operation Zone of the Adriatic Littoral’ they continued to build more to increase military defences. The Italian part and the German part are structurally very different.

Parts of the Italian section were not fully cemented, so nature is slowly reclaiming these tunnels and you can see stalagmites and stalactites forming – almost giving the effect of a natural Carsic cave.DSC02230 DSC02249

These are some German tunnels.DSC02245 DSC02250 DSC02253

The Italians were not allowed in the German entrance of the tunnel because S.S leader, Odilo Globocnik, had a secret passage built for him – allowing him to walk underground between his house and his office.DSC02223

This is the staircase that connected to his house or office (I don’t know which one.) One of the most precarious looking structures I have ever seen!DSC02227



2 thoughts on “Kleine Berlin

    1. rosairwinclark Post author

      mega cool, eh?! i think it would be pretty easy to make – it’s literally poles attached to a central pole. cutting a hole in a ceiling would be the hard part 😛


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