I’d like to share some pics from the Barcolana race on Sunday. The weather was amazing, really sunny and pretty warm. The wind however was not up to much, so it was very relaxing for a ‘race.’



DSC02101 DSC02109 DSC02110 DSC02113 DSC02116 DSC02120 DSC02131 DSC02126 DSC02106

It was truly an amazing day and I am very grateful to the crew for inviting me! There were Prosecco and nibbles breaks throughout the day – it was absolute luxury. And afterwards I was taken out to dinner by another guest on board, Guido, who appointed himself as my ‘new grandfather!’

One of the Sailors, Camilla, has a business up-cycling old sails into new bags, wallets, key-rings and more. Pretty cool, check them out!


One thought on “Barcolana

  1. Tom Vinall

    Wow Rosa, this sounds like such an incredible weekend. I’ve loved listening to the soundbites, its amazing how those very short recordings coupled with your writing have given me such a sense of what an amazing atmosphere there seemed to be there. I really like the way you were invited on this boat in exchange for a few more tunes. Love this idea of bartering with music/performance. Also your mention of a maritime playlist got me thinking about my walk along the coast; I was busking by the sea today with various bits and bobs, so I’m quite interested to hear how your busking develops… keep the updates coming!! Tom xx


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