Sono Arrivata a Trieste

I arrived yesterday afternoon in Trieste after flying to Venice and getting the train. My first impressions were that it seems extremely grand and reminds me of Falmouth. Like, imagine if Falmouth was part of the Habsburg Empire, thats what it looks like! I tried to wander into the centre and find a map – I thought I had found the main square but after about 5 mins I realised that I had come around full circle and was back in front of the train station! Classic me.

So I eventually found a map and made may way down to my first host’s house, Daniele. He lives in an appartment just outside of the centre – he is really hospitable and we got chatting straight away and had loads to talk about. He likes the sound of my project and reckons Trieste is a good place to find traditional songs. Good.

Today, Daniele went to work early and lent me his bike to go exploring on. Yipee!Image

What a beauty. I find cycling is a really good way to get to know a place  but it took a while to get used to driving on the right hand side of the road.

I cycled along the coast up to the castle – stopping when i found places of interest.ImageImage

This is the view from the pier opposite the square.

As I got further away from the centre (the castle is a few miles north up the coast) it becomes greener and there are nice mini-marinas.



When I eventually got to the castle, the setting was paradisical/fantastcal – it is practically in the sea. It was built in the 1800’s when Trieste was Austrian and part of the Habsburg Empire.


I went back into town to explore the city – it is much bigger than I thought and I got quite lost. This is a typical street. Image

I found a landmark, the Roman Theatre which got me back in the right direction.


Now I’m back at Daniele’s and he is playing my violin and making dinner before we go to his language exchange club. So far I have not heard any music of any kind – but Daniele assures me that there are street musicians and concerts. And I have seen some concerts and art events advertised that I am planning to go to in the next week or so. I am also planning to become a street musician myself and busk at La Barcolana in 2 weeks – an enormous boat race and festival that 2000 plus boats compete in.

So questions I have after today are –

What kind of shape will my project take and when/how will it begin to form?

When will I not be a tourist? Or will I always feel like a guest?


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