About the Project

Performing Tradition in a Modern Context is a project in which I will travel to Trieste (NE Italy) with my violin to encounter, explore and learn about a variety of traditional music styles.

What does tradition mean in the performance of music? How did certain types of music become traditional? What makes traditional music specific to a place? Is traditional music still evolving and responding to our swift-moving globalised world?

I have chosen the context of Trieste for quite a few reasons:

The Music of South-Eastern Europe has a rich history influenced by many ethnic groups such as the Roma people and Jewish people.Throughout the last two centuries there have been vast comings and goings of various ethnic groups (including Jewish and Roma) through the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia region, leading to much cultural and musical diversity. Trieste used to be part of the former Yugoslavia and is still considered by some to be a part of the Balkan Peninsula. I was very interested to find that the border of Slovenia is only about 10km from the city-centre as this could be another source of influence to traditional styles.

I learnt Italian in School so I thought Trieste would be a good place to start researching traditional music styles of South-Eastern Europe. I am quite rusty, as I haven’t practiced for a couple of years but hopefully a basic knowledge in the language will help me engage with the local community and culture!

I am leaving for my adventure on Wednesday. Wish me luck!


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